Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nightly Prayers

The night is not young. No adventures in sight, neither is a bright sunny dawn.
But the words, they are blatant and raw (no audience, no shame).
Thus before you, I stand, naked, rid of any sense, anything that defines me in light.
And I only see you, as we are all alone, in between dusk and dawn, reason and righteous, life and death.
Who else would dare living this purgatory?
There is no way back, but into solitude and despair, into annihilation.
And no way forward, but into illusion, into madness.
Thus before you, I stand, naked, helpless, hopeless, praying for a drop of mercy, a moment in light.
O! My companion of the dark! Will the sky ever open? Will the sun ever rise into such a long lonely night?

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